Thunderbird 6

Thunderbird 6 (1968) 6.0

1968-07-29(英国)| 家庭 科幻| 英国
上映时间:1968-07-29(英国) 类型: 家庭 科幻
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The International Rescue team is faced with one of its toughest challenges yet, as the revolutionary lighter-than-air craft Skyship One is h...更多>



Brains: I thought it would be a good idea, in this day and age of speed and... thing like that, to build an... airship. New World Aircraft President James Glenn: An airship? An *airship*? [laughter erupts in the meeting room] Virgil Tracy: [referring to the Tiger Moth inside the pod] I've got a Tiger in my tank. Jeff Tracy: Now, let's have a rundown on the International Rescue craft. So far, there are five. Thunderbird 1: sleek, first and fast. Thunderbird 2: giant transporter. Carries all the rescue gear to the danger zone. Thunderbird 3: designed for space rescue. Thunderbird 4: capable of withstanding the pressure of the depths. Thunderbird 5: space monitor. Capable of receiving or intercepting distress calls from any part of the world. And I'm telling you, Brains, in no uncertain terms, that we now need a Thunderbird 6. Brains: Sure, Mr Tracy, but can you give me some sort of a steer? I like to work to a specification. Jeff Tracy: Specification? You didn't need to work to a specification when you designed that airship for the New World Aircraft Corporation. Brains: That's right. I didn't. And what happened? They laughed. Jeff Tracy: Yeah, that's right. They laughed... and then they built it. Narrator: A beautiful island in the Pacific, secret base of International Rescue, so far undetected. Outwardly, the luxury home of millionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy.




导演: 唐季礼

演员: 成龙杨洋



导演: 彭发

演员: 释小龙胡军

Thunderbird 6

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