Adventures of the Flying Cadets

Adventures of the Flying Cadets(1943)

1943-01-07(美国)| 冒险| 美国
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advertisement A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1]: Who are you? The Black Hangman: If an introduction is necessary, Herr Hill, let me introduce myself. I am the Schwarze Henker at your service. A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1]: Schwarze Henker? The Black Hangman! The Black Hangman: Yes. But as you know, I have already eliminated the heads of two of your important war operations. A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1]: Then I suppose as the head of the Hill Aerial Corporation, I shall be Number Three. The Black Hangman: Yes, unless you give me what I want. The Black Hangman: The Caves of Ankerban were found - by one of your party. A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1]: Yes, Professor Mason, but he left no trace. The Black Hangman: Fortunately for me, because Professor Mason did find the Caves of Ankerban A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1]: He's still alive? The Black Hangman: Yes, as my prisoner. A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1]: Prisoner! The Black Hangman: Yes, because Professor Mason found something so valuable in those caves that only I must possess it! A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1]: If it's so valuable, why are you telling me about it. The Black Hangman: Because Professor Mason sent a chart showing the location of the Caves of Ankerban to one of his friends. A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1]: I know nothing about any chart. The Black Hangman: Then perhaps it was your friend, Major Elliott. A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1]: If I knew, I wouldn't tell you. The Black Hangman: No, you would not. You Americans have such a strange idea of honor. The Black Hangman: To police officers and government agents: Greetings from the Schwarze Henker! In the interest of the New Order, I am here to eliminate your war production heads. There is nothing you can do to stop me. Heil!


Adventures of the Flying Cadets

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