In Old Mexico

In Old Mexico (1938) 7.8

1938-09-09(美国)| 动作 冒险 西部| 美国
上映时间:1938-09-09(美国) 类型: 动作 冒险 西部
评分: 力荐



advertisement 'Windy' Halliday: [to an old Mexican walking away from him] Hey, you! The Fox: [disguised as an old Mexican, he turns around] 'Windy' Halliday: Do you talk Mexican? The Fox: Mexican? 'Windy' Halliday: Yeah, Mexican! Do you talk it? The Fox: No sabe! 'Windy' Halliday: [to Lucky] That's the most ignorant cuss I ever seed! He don't even talk his own language! Rurales Colonel Gonzales: [being held by the Fox under gunpoint] Los Mexicanos - my people - have a saying, Senor - every man he die sometime - what difference does it make when... or where... or how? Get it over with, Senor. [the Fox shoots him]


In Old Mexico

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