Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Arthur's Perfect Christmas (2000) 7.9

2000-11-23(美国)| 动画| 美国 加拿大
上映时间:2000-11-23(美国) 类型: 动画
国家/地区:美国 加拿大 
评分: 力荐



D.W.: Am I the only one thinking of Santa's best interests here? Arthur: [after playing Pachabel's Canon on the piano] Ahh, Christmas. Buster: My mother woke me up at six this morning! She thought it was Christmas! Arthur: She did?




: Yeah, it's happened every year since my parents got divorced! Arthur: Weird. Arthur: Wow, it *has* been a perfect Christmas! D.W.: [Trying to show her dad that Santa's in their bathroom; she knocks on the door, but gets no answer] I think Santa's a little hard of hearing. Mom: Now, D.W., you know that Santa can't always get *exactly* the thing you want. D.W.: Why? Because I've been bad? Mom: No, D.W., you haven't been bad it's just that - well, there are a lot of children wishing for the same thing. And... D.W.: It's because Arthur wrote my letter all wrong, isn't it? Boy, if you want something done right, you've gotta do it yourself. Arthur: Where's the snow? Tomorrow's Christmas and there's still no snow. Brain: You know Arthur, no one actually know what day Jesus was born on. The holiday is celebrated in December probably because that's when the Romans celebrated the winter solstice and more than likely they got the idea from the... Arthur: I don't care, I still want snow!


Arthur's Perfect Christmas

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