A group of young police officers infiltrate a sleazy night club in an attempt to apprehend a man named McCoy, who is involved in kidnapping ...更多>



Maki: [to guard at a white slaver's compund] Where do you keep the kidnapped girls? Or do you want to lose ten pounds of ugly fat the hard way? Reimi: [about her co-workers' flirting] Just listening to you two is enough to induce diabetes! Reimi: [after being scared nearly half to death] I told you *not* to sneak up on me! Banba: [lifting his head up with a '"squeak" like a machine] Could you, perchance, tell me where Kenji is? Reimi: How should I know?




导演: 刁亦男

演员: 胡歌桂纶镁

Burn Up!

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