Rovin' Tumbleweeds

Rovin' Tumbleweeds (1939) 6.0

1939-11-16(美国)| 西部 经典| 美国
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advertisement Opening title cards: Water - man's greatest friend but unleashed - man's greatest foe. [first lines] [leading the ranchers as they try battle mounting floodwaters] Gene Autry: Watch out for a break on the left, men. Hey! Pile them four deep over there! Mary Ford: This is Mary Ford, your KYX news commentator spot broadcasting from the edge of the raging Green Valley flood waters. Hundreds of men are fighting desperately to hold the river in its course. Their own houses are underwater, but they're fighting to save the rest of the valley. If you'll stand by for just a minute, I'll try to get one of the workers to say a few words. Pardon me, won't you say a few words to the radio audience? Gene Autry: No! Pile 'em high over there, boys! Hey, wait a minute - yes, I will. I just want to tell you people we wouldn't have suffered this loss of life and property if that cheap politician, Congressman Fuller, had put through that flood control bill. Mary Ford: Hey! You want me to lose my job? Gene Autry: What did you expect me to say? Having a wonderful time - wish you were here! Congressman Fuller: Did you hear what they said about me in that radio broadcast last night? Stephen Holloway: Yes, I heard. Congressman Fuller: That's liable to hurt my political career. I'll sue that station! Stephen Holloway: You can sue anybody for telling the truth. Congressman Fuller: But... Stephen Holloway: Oh, button your mouth. Congressman Fuller: But, he called me a cheap politician! Stephen Holloway: What would you call yourself? Mr. Craig, Mary's Boss: They liked him? They're daffy about him! Who is he? Where is he? Mary Ford: I don't know - just a cowboy they called "Gene." Mr. Craig, Mary's Boss: He'd be worth a fortune to us. Find him before somebody else hogties him. Mary Ford: Find him? But you said I could have a vacation! Mr. Craig, Mary's Boss: I said find him or you'll have a vacation -without pay. Man in store: Say, maybe you're lookin' for Gene Autry. He's a right good singer. Got a ranch up the valley a-piece. Storekeeper: It's down the valley. Man in store: It's up. Storekeeper: Tain't neither. It was up, but since the flood, it's down! [to his recalcitrant horse] Satchel: Come on, Seabiscuit, back to the stable. This jockey's going to hitchhike home. Mary Ford: Congressman Fuller isn't going to run for re-election. Gene Autry: Well, that won't break my heart. Frog Millhouse: Who's going to run in his place? Mary Ford: Gene! Gene Autry: Say, did you land on your head? Mary Ford: The evidence points to the other extremity. Gene Autry: I'm no politician. Mary Ford: You were no radio singer, either, until I shoved a microphone in front of you. Hutton: I'm working for the boys who know how to take care of me. Gene Autry: Well, here's my way of taking care of boys like you. [Gene slugs him] [last lines] Gene Autry: Folks, if you're as tired of listenin' to your favorite commentator as I am, you'll be glad to know this is her last broadcast. From now on, she'll do her broadcastin' from the kitchen, 'cause I'm going to marry her.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

Rovin' Tumbleweeds

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