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Joseph Smith: Perhaps it's time to show a different kind of courage... and do something besides being killed for what we believe. Jonathan Kent: Gold. You know, next to the Lord and maybe the land, I reckon it's the most powerful thing there is. Brigham Young: Indians can't be any worse than some Christians I know. But just the same, until we find a little more about them, we mean to trust in you, Lord, and keep our powder dry. Porter Rockwell: Zigzag. That means he wants to talk peace. You zigzag out to meet him. [an army officer tells the Mormons they must leave Illinois immediately because the law can't help them] Brigham Young: The law? What law? The law that let's a pack of scoundrels come in here and hunt us down like wild animals, burn our homes, ruin our crops, arrest our leader on trumped-up charges and then look the other way when a mob breaks in and murders him? If they call that law, let 'em keep it. We don't want any more of it! Brigham Young: I'm not looking for an easy religion. I'm looking for one I can bring my family up decent in. Jonathan Kent: Even though we might be the last wagon, we'd never be the first to fall out. Mary Ann Young: You're dead set against California, aren't you? Brigham Young: You know human nature. Take a crowd of people to a place of milk and honey and in six months time, they won't be worth shooting.




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Brigham Young

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