Da uomo a uomo

Da uomo a uomo (1968) 5.9

1968-03-08(意大利)| 西部| 意大利
上映时间:1968-03-08(意大利) 类型: 西部
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As a child, Bill witnesses the murder of his family by four robbers. Fifteen years later, he embarks on his revenge. During his quest, he cr...更多>



Ryan: If you're going to follow somebody, youngster, do a better job of it. This world is full of nervous characters. They'd shoot you in the back first, and then introduce themselves. Ryan: My gun. [Warden retrieves Ryan's gun] Ryan: Thank you... Now, the bullets. Prison Warden: The bullets? Ryan: Twenty seven. Fifteen years ago, you put 'em in one of those bottom drawers there. Prison Warden: Twenty seven. You have a good memory. Ryan: Well, sometimes its not difficult. I still had six in my gun and 21 in my belt. If they hadn't double- crossed me, the count had been a little bit different. Ryan: Somebody tries to shoot me in the back, I defend myself. Sheriff: You defend yourself almost too well, mister. They're both dead as doornails. Ryan: They came in the window. It wasn't to wish me pleasant dreams. Bill: Fifteen years, there's been no new track. Only a spur. Then you come along, and there's three spurs. Ryan: Somebody once wrote that revenge is a dish that has to be eaten cold. Hot as you are, you're liable to end up with indigestion. Ryan: Watch out for these things. [tosses Cavanaugh back his Derringer] Ryan: We wouldn't want you to get hurt... Not yet. Vigro: They got all my money. But I wanna keep my skin! Bill: [Challenging Burt Cavanaugh to a duel] Piano player - Hit three notes! Bill: I can pay for the information, with his five hundred. Ryan: He's worth more than that to me. Fifteen thousand. So I suggest you keep your distance. 'Cause if you don't, I might get MAD. Ryan: Two lessons, my son. First, watch behind you. Second, count your shots - four bullets for one man, that's a waste. Station master: This guy told me a pal of his should be coming along. He said I should give you the horse, and a kiss. The horse is there, waiting for you. Ehh, now now, where do you want that kiss? Bill: Before anybody kills me they got to get my okay. And I don't think I'll give it to 'em. Bandit: You! Who are you? Bill: Someone who takes his anger out on men. Bandit: What are you trying to say? That I'm afraid? Bill: You've got a stupid face, but you get it. Bill:


Remember 15 years ago at the Mesito ranch? Another time when you took it out on a woman? Unfortunately for you, that woman happened to be my mother.


Ryan: [Sees Bill buried to his neck] You had to get here ahead of me didn't you? Idiot. Are you on your way in or out of that hole? You remind me of a groundhog that couldn't make up its mind. [last lines] Ryan: Good luck, son. Wolcott: I've been working at this for years. Building their confidence in me, the citizens, as well as the governor of this state. But the most important thing is that finally, believe it or not, I have in my bank more than a million dollars, now. The funds the state deposited with me in view of our future public works. What do you think, Ryan? Should I build their stupid old public works with this mountain of dollars? [Walcott's bandits laugh] Wolcott: Well, they don't think I should. I guess I'll have to go along with their idea.




导演: 郝平

演员: 白红标

Da uomo a uomo

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