Rage at Dawn

Rage at Dawn (1955) 5.9

1955-03-26(美国)| 西部| 美国
上映时间:1955-03-26(美国) 类型: 西部
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Terrorizing 1866 Indiana, the Reno brothers gang uses the town of Seymour as a safe haven, paying off three crooked town officials. Sent in ...更多>



Opening crawl: This is the true story of the Reno Brothers... Clint, a respected farmer, and Frank, Simeon, John and Bill... who were the first train robbers in American history. Looting, burning and killing, this infamous clan rode through the middle border states setting the pattern for the great outlaw bands which were to follow: the James boys, the Daltons and the Youngers... The year, 1866. The place is Southern Indiana. Clint Reno: So it finally happened. A Reno brother got killed. Sim Reno: Clint, we don't want no preaching. Frank Reno: Take it easy, Sim. Clint Reno: The baby of the family dying in the streets and his brave brothers running away. Not even animals would do a thing like that! John Reno: Dead in the streets... not dying. Clint Reno: As if that made a difference! John Reno: Thirty thousand dollars is a heap of money. Now, who would have thought of holding up a train? Frank Reno: Seems like a business worth considering.


Rage at Dawn

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