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Jeff Webster: I don't need other people. I don't need help. I can take care of me.


Skagway Sheriff Gannon


: Now it becomes my duty to carry out the sentence which I have imposed on these men for killing and stealing within the territory under my jurisdiction. However, I want it strictly understood that there will be no undo shooting or cheering or drunken talk when I pull that lever on account it would offend the dignity of the occasion. [Jeff accidentally drives his cattle through a crowd attending a hanging] Skagway Sheriff Gannon: What's going on here? You there! Jeff Webster: They got a little out of hand. I'm sorry! Skagway Sheriff Gannon: You're sorry? You just busted up a function of the law, that's what you did. The people of Skagway don't like lawbreakers. They go to a lot trouble and expense to prove it! New gallows, new rope, thirteen steps all counted out right and proper, with each step costin' not less than twelve dollars per each and you drive a herd of cattle through the population. You busted up everything, that's what you did. And you're sorry! Capt. Benson: This man is wanted for a murder in Seattle. Skagway Sheriff Gannon: Well, Seattle will have to wait. He's wanted here for bustin' up a hanging. Skagway Sheriff Gannon: Take his gun. Lock him up. [Jeff reaches for his gun, but Gannon outdraws him] Skagway Sheriff Gannon: Were you thinkin' about usin' that? Jeff Webster: Nooo, I was just showin' your deputy where to find it. [Frank puts another prisoner in Jeff's jail cell] Frank Newberry: Company for you; Doc Vallon, best doc in Skagway. Doc Vallon: Oh yes, because I am the only doctor in Skagway, so I am the best one. Say, will you ask the lawyer, Monsieur Gannon, to consider my case as quickly as possible. Frank Newberry: I wouldn't crowd him, Doc, he's pretty sore - figures you could have saved Diggy's hand. Doc Vallon: But the bones were crushed! There was nothing but to do but amputate! Frank Newberry: Maybe, but you sure ruined a good piano player. Official at Scales: Eighty-five - you're fifteen pounds light. Bearded Miner: But I can get by on eighty-five. I don't eat much - hardly nothin'! Skagway Sheriff Gannon: You'll eat - and when you run short you'll go killin and stealin' what belongs to somebody else on account of you won't have enough. Now get in there and buy another fifteen pounds of food. Dawson Marshal Rube Morris: He's got a real tough job, that constable. He patrols some ten, twenty thousand square miles full of nothing but hill and hollow. Sometimes he don't get home for two or three months at time, ridin' up in that far country. [after Gannon fines Jeff his entire cattle herd for disturbing the peace, Jeff steals the herd back] Jeff Webster: Is there somethin' you want, Mr. Gannon? Skagway Sheriff Gannon: Yeah, mostly I want you. I also want that herd - it's government property. Jeff Webster: Yeah, well, I'm sorry. I reversed your decision. Skagway Sheriff Gannon: Have a nice trip! I'll hang you when you come back! Ben Tatum: What gets me is, how did you know we was after them cattle? Did you see us? Renee Vallon: Yes, but first, you know, I heard the bell, the little bell Jeff wears on his saddle. Ben Tatum: Heh-heh. He won't ride without it. I give it to him, you know. Renee Vallon: You did? Why? Ben Tatum: Well, a coupla years back we was down in Mexico, I bought this bell for our house. We're gonna have a house in Utah. We were going to hang it right over our front door, on the inside, so's when you open the door the bell jingles, you see, on account of I like to know when my friends is comin' so I can put on another pot of coffee. Renee Vallon: But that's a very little bell. Ben Tatum: Well, it's goin' to be a very little house. Luke: Well, I knew it was coming. I warned you, I did. Where's there's gold, there's stealing. Where there's stealing, there's killing. I knew it was coming. I just did know it. Ben Tatum: All right, I'll go along, but where's it gonna end, boy? We just goin' to go on and on and on? Jeff Webster: Well, maybe we'll end up on that ranch in Utah. Right now, we got an awful lot of money to spend. Ben Tatum: Whatcha gonna buy that's better than what we got? We got friends in Dawson. You wanna buy new ones? [last lines] Renee Vallon: You went and got yourself hurt again. Jeff Webster: I know. We eat, we sleep, we rest and soon we'll be all better again.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

The Far Country

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