The Royal Mounted Rides Again

The Royal Mounted Rides Again (1945) 6.4

1945-10-23(美国)| 西部| 美国
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advertisement [ordering a drink] Jackson Decker: The you best you have... Is this your best? Yukon Palace Bartender: You can't get better south to Dawson or north to Nome. Brad Taggart: I know that when I started your copper mine here, sir, you figured on getting Bailey's equipment cheap as part of the deal, but if he means what he says... Jackson Decker: I don't care what he says. I want his milling machinery at any price. The cost of shipping heavy machinery like that is prohibitive. Brad Taggart: We could let him do our milling for our copper for us if he gave you a percentage. Jackson Decker: And be at Bailey's mercy? Oh, no. Ownership of that mill is the difference between profit and loss for the Decker copper mine. Brad Taggart: I see. No mill, no job for me running the mine - is that it? Jackson Decker: I don't start anything I can't control. That's why I make money and Bailey goes broke Cpl. J. Wayne Decker: So LaRock paid me two nuggets for telling him where I thought Bailey had found the gold. It wasn't one of my better predictions. Dillie Clark, aka Mme. Mysterioso: That was the first time you saw the ring? Cpl. J. Wayne Decker: Yes. The other time was just before you entered. Seems Blackie felt he hadn't got his money's worth and came back and took a refund with interest. Jackson Decker: The last talk I had with you - and it was quite a while ago - still stands. You remember it? Cpl. J. Wayne Decker: Wasn't it something to the effect of - I was on my own unless I worked for the Decker Company. Jackson Decker: That's right. You're on your own until you came to your senses. You obviously haven't so there's nothing more to be said. Cpl. J. Wayne Decker: I'm afraid there is, Dad. You see the objective I raised at that time over you ruthless business methods has cropped up again in this case. Jackson Decker: What? Is anything more ruthless then setting a son against his father? 'Latitude' Bucket: I ain't sayin' I didn't cheat. I am sayin' I did it a little better than you and I'm taking your winnings. Cpl. J. Wayne Decker: The trail of a clever man who's behind your father's murder, June, isn't as easy as all that. June Bailey: I know, Wayne, and I'm sorry, but sometimes, well... Cpl. J. Wayne Decker: Let me say it for you. Constable claims my father is guilty of your father's death and sometimes you suspect me of trying to shield Dad. June Bailey: How can I help it? Cpl. J. Wayne Decker: By having faith in the service as it has in me. You can't find any double-dealers in the records of the Mounties. [last lines] 'Latitude' Bucket: My pappy always told me the Mounties always get what they go after. Cpl. J. Wayne Decker: And your pappy was right, Bucket. Don't you think so, June? June Bailey: Yes, if you say so, Wayne. Constable 'Frenchy' Moselle: This is what I get for being constable. The corporal, he always gets the first bird. Sgt. Nelson: Yes, but when the ladies go after their man, even a corporal in the Mounted doesn't stand a chance.


The Royal Mounted Rides Again

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