Three Texas Steers

Three Texas Steers (1939) 6.1

1939-05-12(美国)| 西部| 美国
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advertisement Postman: Are you Nancy Evans? Nancy Evans: Yes. Postman: You seem kinda young to be boss of a circus. Nancy Evans: I'll soon get over that. Lillian: She's thinking of growing a beard to give her dignity. Henchman Steve: Well, this is just great. We wreck the circus to make her sell the ranch and now she's going to live on it. George Ward: No she's not. Henchman Steve: Well, what are you going to do? George Ward: We'll be in Mesquite ahead of the young lady with a reception committee. Tucson Smith: Well, we're nearly home, boys. Stony Brooke: The 3-M will look mighty good after that set-to in Santa Fe. Lullaby Joslin: Don't forget, we've been away for three months. Most likely, we'll have to dig it out from under the dust. Tucson Smith: That is, if the moths have left us anything to dig out. [after Hercules played a card, Willie the Gorilla grabbed it and put it back in Hercules' hand] Lillian: Hey! What are you doin' gangin' up on me? One baboon at a time! Hercules, the Midget: Can't a guy change his mind, Lil? Lillian: Yeah, providin' he's got a mind to start with. Besides I ain't playin' cards with a man who has a moth-eaten monkey for partner. [to the gorilla climbing in a tree] Lillian: Get out of there, you upholstered nitwit! Tony: Hey, gang, take a look at your new home! Hercules, the Midget: Ain't it somethin'! Lillian: Yeah, so quiet and peaceful. I wonder how long it takes to learn how to milk a chicken. Lullaby Joslin: C'mon, let's invite the ladies to scram. Tucson Smith: Let me do it. I'll, you know, sort of break it to her gently. Stony Brooke: Tactful Tucson, they call him - the big-hearted bouncer. Lillian: What's your job around here? Stony Brooke: I'm a cowhand, ma'am. I chase cows. Lillian: If I could only learn to moo. [intent on a showdown with Mike Abbott, the Mesquiteers discover that he's not in his hotel room] Tucson Smith: Maybe we should go in and sort of tidy up the room. Stony Brooke: Funny, that's just what I was thinkin'. [Hercules waives an enormous gun at the Mesquiteers] Lillian: Don't pull the trigger - you'll wind up in South Dakota! Stony Brooke: Give us a break, Desperate Desmond. Tucson Smith: Be careful, guys. Don't over eat. Lullaby Joslin: I had more trouble catchin' those sardines than I've had ropin' a calf. Tucson Smith: I wish you had roped a calf! Stony Brooke: We gotta figure out some way to help Nancy. Lullaby Joslin: If I was Nancy, I'd be just a little bit tired of our help. Stony Brooke: Well, we can't let her lose her ranch. Tucson Smith: What about ours? If we can't pay our own mortgage, we won't have any place to sleep. Lullaby Joslin: Oh, yes we will. We'll have a nice cozy cell to sleep in for the next twenty years, if Mr. Brooke keeps bein' helpful. [last lines] Tucson Smith: Well, that Nancy sure is a swell girl. I reckon we oughta take in her circus sometime. Stony Brooke: Tucson, I think you've got something there. [Lullaby bursts out of the ranch house pursued by Nancy's gorilla] Lullaby Joslin: Nancy! Nancy! You forgot somethin'! Stony Brooke: What happened to you? Did you fall into a watering trough? Lullaby Joslin: No, I just fell into a Saturday night!




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

Three Texas Steers

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