Santa Fe Stampede

Santa Fe Stampede (1938) 6.2

1938-11-18(美国)| 西部| 美国
上映时间:1938-11-18(美国) 类型: 西部
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advertisement [first lines] [after reading a sign that says "Trespassers Will Be Shot"] Lullaby Joslin: Looks like folks ain't exactly welcome around here. Stony Brooke: Well, I don't believe in signs. Tucson Smith: Say, Dave, didn't you use to have another young one - a little girl with freckles and a pug nose? Nancy Carson: He certainly has and I've always said such nice things about you. Lullaby Joslin: Gosh, Nancy, you sure growed up in a hurry! Stony Brooke: And pretty! [Julie Jane tugs on Stony's shirt] Stony Brooke: What is it, honey? Julie Jane Carson: I think you're pretty, too. Stony Brooke: So that's His Honor the Mayor. Brings his own jury. Tucson Smith: Swell chance we're going to have. Stony Brooke: We'll stick around and see how far this thing will go. Stony Brooke: Just a minute! What kind of farce do you call this? Mayor Gil Byron: Don't you approve of the way we hold court? Stony Brooke: This isn't a court, it's a three-ring circus. Judge Henry J. Hixon: Careful, young man... Stony Brooke: Of what? You're sworn to uphold the laws of this territory and what do yo do? Jump like a rabbit every time he cracks a whip. Judge Henry J. Hixon: One more word from you and I'll fine you for contempt! Stony Brooke: Word fail to express my contempt for this court. Nancy Carson: Well, you've certainly made a hit with Billy and Julie. Stony Brooke: I wish the rest of the family felt that way. Nancy Carson: Give me a good reason why I should. Stony Brooke: Oh, well, I'm kind to animals and help old ladies across the street. Tucson Smith: That is, when there aren't any young ones to help. Stony Brooke: The voice of experience. Tucson Smith: You better hit the hay, Romeo. You and Dave got a long ride ahead of you tomorrow. Nancy Carson: Where? Stony Brooke: We're taking the petition to Governor White. Nancy Carson: Oh. Stony Brooke: How about you going in my place tomorrow? Tucson Smith: [looking at Nancy] Oh, no. I'm going to stay here and watch the mine. Stony Brooke: Well, be sure its the mine you look after. Marshal Jim Wood: Judge Hixon, the prisoner seems to want an early trial. Do you think you can accommodate him? Judge Henry J. Hixon: Well yes, Marshal, I think I can arrange it. I've done it before. Marshal Jim Wood: Oh, no, Judge. This is going to be a fair trial. Mayor Gil Byron: Just a minute, Brooke. You've been through a terrible ordeal. I can promise you that every man responsible will be punished before I'm through. Stony Brooke: You're through right now. Tucson Smith: Lullaby, what's holdin' you up? We gotta go! Lullaby Joslin: It's not me, it's Elmer. Elmer, Lullaby's Dummy: I don't want to ride in this roll. I'm no hot dog! Lullaby Joslin: Shut up or I'll put mustard on your face. Elmer, Lullaby's Dummy: I'll smother! I'll suffocate! In fact, I won't be able to breathe! Stony Brooke: Can we depend on that?




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

Santa Fe Stampede

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