The Last Mile

The Last Mile (1932) 7.3

1932-08-17(美国)| 美国
评分: 力荐



advertisement John 'Killer' Mears, Cell 4: [at the end of the prison break, walking into the guards' machine guns] I think I'll go get a little air. [first title card] Title Card: "The Last Mile" is more than a story of prison and of the condemned. To me it is a story of those men within barred cells, crushed mentally, physically and spiritually between unrelenting forces of man-made laws and man-fixed death. And justly or unjustly found guilty, are they not the victims of man's imperfect conventions, upon which he has erected a social structure of doubtful security? What is society's responsibility for ever-increasing murders? What shall be done with the murderers? "The Last Mile" does not pretend to give an answer. Society must find its own solution. But murder on the heels of murder is *not* that solution. - Lewis E. Lawes, Warden, Sing Sing Prison, Ossining, New York


The Last Mile

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