Carry on Nurse (1960)

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Carry on Nurse
  • 片       名Carry on Nurse
  • 上映时间1959年03月10日(英国)
  • 导       演 Gerald Tho...


  • Ted York, Newspaper Reporter.: Did it win? Second Ambulance Man: That nag should be going into hospital, not you! Ted York, Newspaper Reporter.: I wonder who won the baby stakes? [Ted get up from the strecher, which collapses on top of the First Ambulance Man] Ted York, Newspaper Reporter.: [looking down] Supposing I'd been on it! [Nurse Dawson approaches Ted with a large tablet] Ted York, Newspaper Reporter.: You have given one of these before? Nurse Stella Dawson: Oh, good gracious, hundreds. [Hands him a glass of water] Nurse Stella Dawson: There you are, get it down now. Nurse Dorothy Denton: [Passing:] Other end, Nurse. [Nurse Dawson looks ashamed] Ted York, Newspaper Reporter.: Never mind. With a face like mine, it's a mistake anyone might make. Sister: It's Matron's round. Percy Hickson: Mine's a pint! The Colonel: Come come, Matron. Surely you've seen a temperature taken like this before? Matron: Yes Colonel. But never with a daffodil! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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