Oh, God! You Devil (1984)

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Oh, God! You Devil
  • 片       名Oh, God! You De...
  • 上映时间1984年11月07日(美国)
  • 导       演 Paul Bogar...


  • Bobby Shelton: Who are you? [the Devil sticks up his thumb, and a flame comes out of it, like a cigarette lighter. He lights his cigar with that flame and then extinguishes that flame by blowing on that thumb] Bobby Shelton: My God! The Devil: Guess again. God: You're impossible. The Devil: [straight to camera] Believe me... I'm possible. [Billy Wayne's contract is about to expire. He finishes a song, and the audience applauds and then chants, "More! More! More!"] The Devil: No more. Bobby Shelton: I'm flipping out. [Bobby flips over Harry O. Tophat's card, which was previously blank on the other side; the back of that card now contains the words "YOU'RE NOT FLIPPING OUT"] The Devil: [the Devil's car's computer monitor reads the following about Bobby Shelton: "WATCHED OVER BY GOD APRIL 19, 1960"] Sorry, pal. He asked for me. That's the rules: He asked for me; he's mine. And none of your tricks, either. The Devil: I love to scare the hell out of people. Bobby Shelton: I'd sell my soul to the devil to make it in this business. Just for the chance. The Devil: [the Devil "uses" his cigar to turn cooked escargots into live snails] It's the little things I enjoy. The Devil: [the "original" Billy Wayne disappears after his contract expires] Things have a way of working out. God: You made a deal with the Devil. How dumb could you be? Bobby Shelton: I didn't know it was the Devil. God: You're not talking to your sixth-grade teacher, you know. The Devil: You beat me. You bluffed with a busted flush? How? How did you beat me? God: I put the fear of me in you. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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