Richard leaves his corporate office for a weekend at the country house of his fiancee, who is a daughter of his boss. On the way there he is...更多>



Richard: You sure do ask a lot of questions. Celia: It's the only way to get a lot of answers. Richard: What if he's up late catching a movie?




: He doesn't watch TV! Dennis: Not since he blew a hole in it with his shotgun. [Richard reacts] Fred: Don't worry. He was just mad at Phil Donahue about the episode where he wore a dress. Who didn't shoot their TV that day? Aunt Bonnie: We had the bible read to us by Charleston Heston I wish it had been a longer trip, I'd like to have heard the ending. Fred: The Hero dies. Aunt Bonnie: No! Richard: I am in a circle of hell that Dante never even dreamed of!


Dinner at Fred's

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