"Jeremiah" (2002) 7.1

2002-03-03(美国)| 科幻| 美国 加拿大
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In a post-apocalyptic future, a deadly virus has wiped out most of humanity. The only ones who survived, was those who hadn't yet reached pu...更多>



Soldier: I don't believe in God. Mr. Smith: I didn't either. I don't think He noticed. Rachel: Mr. Smith? Kurdy: It's a long story Mr. Smith: No it's not. It's a proper name. First name Mister, last name Smith. Not a title. See? Max, seven sentences. Jeremiah: Rachel... Rachel: *Miss* Rachel. Kurdy: See what you started? Mr. Smith: Is it my fault I'm a trend setter? Kurdy: Can I ask you a question? What got you started on this whole "God talks to me" stuff in the first place? Mr. Smith: The first time I heard God speak... was kind of hard to know exactly what happened, because I was kind of dead at the time. I'd just given up, okay? I mean I... It had been a rough life and it wasn't getting any easier, and I just decided enough was enough. So I stood in the middle of this bridge. I said "I'm tired and I'm done, now." And I jumped. The reason I chose that way was because, I can't swim for shit and I wanted to make sure I got the job done right, you know? I remember I was afraid to open my mouth. Finally, I forced it open and let the water into my lungs. The next thing I knew, I was sinking, and it was quiet... muffled... peaceful. It was like I was going to sleep. Then I heard this voice say "Not yet. Not yet. There's work to be done." Then I got mad, and I said "Screw you!" Because I knew who it was. When you're that close to death, you know what that voice is. I said "Screw you! You ran out on us! You let pain and death into the world and now look at us - look at what we've become, what you let happen." The voice said, "I know. I know. I've been away too long, but I'm back now. My voice will be heard. You will be my voice." And the next thing I knew, I was awake on the shore and there were people around saying they saw a wave wash me up and just leave me there - scared the hell out of them. Kurdy: Why, they thought you were dead? Mr. Smith: No. Kurdy: So what's so scary about seeing a wave wash somebody on shore? Mr. Smith: [pause] It was a lake. Kurdy: [look of disbelief that changes to one of amusement] So, did he say anything else to you that first day? Mr. Smith: Yeah. Just two words and I got the impression they were real important. But I still haven't been able to figure out what they mean or what they have to do with anything else. Kurdy: Oh, let me guess, "Jesus Saves." Mr. Smith: [looks frustrated] Kurdy: Alright, I got it: [chuckles] Kurdy: "Happy Birthday." Mr. Smith: [ignores him] Kurdy:


Alright Smith, what were the two words God said to you that first day?


Mr. Smith: "Fractal Theory." Kurdy: What the hell is "fractal theory"? Mr. Smith: How the hell am I supposed to know? I'm just God's sock puppet, ok? He shoves his hand up my ass and words come out the other end. [pause] Mr. Smith: Who knew math was involved? [walks away frustrated]



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