Revengers Tragedy (2002)

  • 英国
Revengers Tragedy
  • 片       名Revengers Trage...
  • 上映时间2002年08月06日(瑞士)
  • 导       演 阿力克斯·考克斯


  • [holding the skull of his long-dead bride] Vindici: Thou sallow remnant of my poisoned love. My study's ornament, thou shell of death, once the bright face of my betrothed lady. When life and beauty naturally filled out these ragged imperfections, then 'twas a face so far beyond the shine of any woman's bought complexion. [not recognizing his long-lost brother] Carlo: Do I know you, friend? Vindici: Do you know me more than friend? [facing a death sentence for rape] Junior: Her beauty was ordained to be my scaffold, and yet methinks I might be easier ceased. My fault being sport, let me but die in jest. The Duke: Age hot is like a monster to be seen; my hairs are white, but yet my sins are green. [after discovering that their scheme to kill their older brother has gone wrong] Supervacuo: Plagues! Ambitioso: Confusions! Supervacuo: Darkness! Ambitioso: Devils! Supervacuo: Our younger brother. Ambitioso: There's no advantage in the killing of a YOUNGER brother! Ambitioso: I see now there's nothing sure in mortality... but mortality. [after her son orders her arrested] The Duchess: Are you so barbarous to set iron nipples upon these breasts that gave you suck? Hannah: To weep is to our sex naturally given, but to weep truly, that's a gift from heaven. Ambitioso: My lord, you're gracefully established with the loves of all your subjects, and for natural death, I hope it be threescore year a-coming. Lussurioso: True. But no more than threescore year? Supervacuo: Fourscore I hope, my lord. Nessio: And fivescore, I. Vindici: I hope, my lord, that you should never die. Lussurioso: Give me thy hand; these others I rebuke. He that hopes so is fittest for a duke. Vindici: Pistols! Treason! Guards! Help! My lord, the Duke, is murdered! Lussurioso: [puzzled] No, I'm not. [Vindici stabs him] Vindici: Were it not for women and gold, there would be no damnation! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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