"War of the Worlds" (1988)

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"War of the Worlds"


  • advertisement Norton Drake: Lightning, thunder... but never any rain. Quinn: I have nothing really against humans. Some of my best friends are humans. But as a group, they stink, and you know it. I say, kill them all. Ironhorse Clone: You won't leave, will you? You'll stay and die because you won't leave one child behind. That's why we'll win. Harrison: That's why you'll lose. Quinn: To Life Immortal... sucker. Advocate #2: If we cannot survive, who will assume the mantle of the Advocacy? I fear there are not three worthy candidates from among our ranks. Advocate #1: Then pray that our current attempt at the refrigiration plant meets with success. [pause] Advocate #2, Advocate #1: To life immortal. Advocate #2: The lower classes are all alike. Excuses for every shortcoming! Alien Scientist: As you wish, Advocate. Advocacy: [harshly] As we order, scientist! Norton Drake: We're talking Night of the living Dead here folks. Not only do these guys get to pick our brains, they get to use our bodies as a perfect disguise. Ironhorse: I don't call open sores and radiation sickness a perfect disguise. I mean it's not difficult to spot these people in a crowd. Ironhorse: I'm just doing my job, doctor. Harrison: I wish to God you'd let me do mine. Advocate #1: You have been away from battle far too long. Advocate #3: It will be good to resume. [Repeated alien exchange] Advocacy: To Life Immortal. Ironhorse: Wolfjaw, Montana - that's Indian Territory. Harrison: Looks like we got aliens moving into the neighborhood. Let's go. Ironhorse: Great. First the white man, now aliens. Quinn: Just 'cause Mozart had a funny laugh, don't mean you can play the piano, wise guy. Suzanne: Uncle Hank, are you sure about this? General Wilson: If I'm wrong, I'll apologize in the morning. Advocate #3: Why is it the lower classes cannot think for themselves? Advocate #1: Our job is to think; their job is to do. We must never confuse the two. [seeing a dissolved alien body] General Wilson: They sure don't die very pretty, do they? Advocate #1: Is it just me, comrades, or do the complexities of our invasion grow more and more tangled at every step? Advocate #3: No one ever said war was easy. Harrison: What's that explosion? Quinn: Why do you think they call them trap doors? Harrison: [brainwashed] We've got to stop hurting the aliens! Ironhorse: Hurting the aliens? I don't remember invading their planet! [Quinn is showing Harrison one of his art constructions] Harrison: Oh, my God. It's a masterpiece. Quinn: Is it? Do you not find it sterile, cold, and a bit lonely? Harrison: Not at all, no. It is alive as you and I. What do you call this? Quinn: "The Universal Truth." Harrison: And the cost? Quinn: What cost is truth? Harrison: It sounds like I won't be able to afford this. Harrison: Quinn, if you have any information about aliens, tell me. Quinn: Oh, I'll tell you, Harry, but just about one. I'll tell you all about one who did not fall to the bacteria in the great invasion, one who was stranded alone 35 long, lonely years on a hostile ALIEN planet... called Earth. Harrison: You're an alien. Quinn: Oh, no, Harry. YOU'RE the alien. Advocate #1: Our scientists seem to have a firm grasp on the obvious... Tell us something we don't already know! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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