Melody Ranch

Melody Ranch (1940) 6.0

1940-11-15(美国)| 爱情 西部| 美国
上映时间:1940-11-15(美国) 类型: 爱情 西部
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advertisement Cornelius J. Courtney: Folks, this is your pal, Cornelius J. Courtney, tellin' you that this program is brought to you by that nationally famous head cold remedy "Nose Posse." Aaahh! Manufactured, endorsed by that benefactor of humanity, Thomas Summerville. Ah, that most delicate of organisms, the nose, the snoozle, the proboscus, let Nose Posse guard it for you. It deserves that protection - take it from me, a man who knows his noses. At-chaaa! And now, after a brief pause for station identification, Gene Autry will present this week's thrilling drama of the sagebrush, "The Sagebrush." Tommy Summerville: Phone her home. Phone the Mayfair Club. We've got to find our leading lady! Cornelius J. Courtney: No sooner said then done! First I'll track her down, then I'll corral her, then I'll ignore her. Veronica Whipple: My, the elections get noisier every year. I haven't seen this much excitement since I voted for Roosevelt. I mean Theodore of course. Cornelius J. Courtney: Hey, Gene. Listen, I've been thinking it over, and I think maybe I ought to go with the others on the bus. Gene Autry: Oh no you don't. Get up on that horse and shut up. Cornelius J. Courtney: But, Gene... Gene Autry: Remember, this was your idea. Cornelius J. Courtney: I'd forgotten.


Melody Ranch

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