Call of the Prairie (1936)

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Call of the Prairie
  • 片       名Call of the Pra...
  • 上映时间1936年03月06日(美国)
  • 导       演 Howard Bre...


  • advertisement [to Johnny, who has a bad hangover] Hopalong Cassidy: You look like the tail end of a hard winter. Johnny Nelson: You keep out of my affairs! I'm tired of bein' the tail end of your kite. [Johnny grabs an apple out of Linda's basket and takes a bite] Linda McHenry: Put that back! I hope there's a worm in it. [Johnny returns the half-eaten apple to Linda's basket and grabs another] Johnny Nelson: There was! Tom Slade: Why bother with him? You got everything he has last night. Charlie 'Shanghai' McHenry: Every little bit makes just a little bit more. [Porter and his men count the proceeds from their latest robbery] Sam Porter: Well, I'll be danged. Nothing but old bills and receipts! Charlie 'Shanghai' McHenry: Why, the dirty crook! [Shanghai forces Johnny to dig his own grave] Charlie 'Shanghai' McHenry: I know this is your grave, son, but if I was you, I'd make it a little longer. Johnny Nelson: Who's your father? Linda McHenry: Charlie McHenry. Johnny Nelson: I reckon he's one of those nice people I haven't been meetin' lately. Hopalong Cassidy: You don't seem to know much, do you? Linda McHenry: I'm not the one who's lost. Johnny Nelson: I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago... I'm going to round up those crooks! Linda McHenry: My father? Johnny Nelson: Maybe I'll look the other way when I see him. Charlie 'Shanghai' McHenry: What have you got there? Sam Porter: A little deposit from the Twin Rivers Bank. Charlie 'Shanghai' McHenry: Where'd you come from? Johnny Nelson: I sprouted angel's wings and flew! Charlie 'Shanghai' McHenry: More likely horns and a tail. [Hoppy has emerged from a gunfight] Johnny Nelson: You okay, Hoppy? Hopalong Cassidy: Sure! Just smoked up a bit. Johnny Nelson: I guess I've been about the biggest fool in the world. Hopalong Cassidy: You're not the first, nor the last. [last lines] Hopalong Cassidy: Well, Miss Linda, it looks like you'll need some help around here. Johnny Nelson: Just leave it to me, Hoppy! Hopalong Cassidy: That's just what I'm afraid of. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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